Plutocracy over democracy. 


Historians have already begun to explain as to how we got here from their various perspectives.  But today there seem to be fewer people and institutions “watching the ‘democratic’ store” than in periods past.


The press, now the media does not engage in in-depth investigation and reporting that it was once known for doing.  Besides most of the reporting is superficial, on the fringe and single-subject oriented for the day or even for days on end. 


Gerrymandering has made certain political seats throughout the nation safe for one party or the other and therefore government by majority vote no longer functions in these more general areas and does not serve the democratic need for recall for actions taken by various candidates coming up for re-election.


Tinkering with voting procedures enables a ruling party to limit the voting of those in opposition; therefore, deflecting and lessening “the power of the ballot.”


Money now plays the biggest role in the selection of candidates and in the manner politicians are carried into office and kept there.


The evolution of various legislative functions and rules such as the Filibuster operate against the operation of honest government.


Our “democracy” now becomes more fragile and gives the appearance of functioning more as a plutocracy than as the democracy intended by our forefathers.


The interest of the “common man” is lost in government actions now designed to promote those of the excessively wealthy who are financially supporting politicians who will carry out their wishes.


The structure and function of our democracy needs a serious restoration and our media, politicians, pundits and television gurus need to bring more focus onto the subject and how to deal with what is troubling to this great democracy.

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