Is that reasonable?


The people of Texas, the apparent biggest of the T-Party-inclined States should consider what it might be like living under the rules of the so-called tea party believers and the insurrectionist actions under which they seem to operate.


Many appear to be against keeping of the national government, some advocating secession.


Our nation was born as the result of an act of revolution and it is now itself under rebellious calls and acts of real damage to our government and even to close it down.  


This movement includes calls for secession placing our government in the way of fundamental damage as to its function and placing it in a political atmosphere or in the vein of treason, even if not approximating its legal reality.


Certain movements in various countries have started by small elements of political parties ending up in dominating or controlling the functions and goals of the party they infected. 


Often referred to as the “crazies,” a party contaminated by crazies, that some who are living today once experienced initiated the Second World War.


What is going on in the United States today is obviously not comparable to the tremendous situation that developed then, but it is an example of a dangerous seed not recognized as such that later yielded to the dominance of the so-called “crazies” as legitimate rulers of their nation.


The Grand Old Party seems to have lost its grand luster and essence of grandeur and possibly it true function as a grand old political party, perhaps because of an insidious contamination.   

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