Renew their rationality. 


It’s now time for the older wiser members to kick the “tea-partiers” out. 


Tell them that their intrusion into the party is over and cut them out of any of the caucuses.   Let them start their own “madder than hell” party for they indeed are politically mad.


 Who needs them?


Does any reasonable politician really pretend to agree with their treasonous thinking? 


Republicans and Democrats most come together to rid our government of these dangerous crazies and that’s what they are and should be publicly referred to as “crazies.”


The Republican Party must throw them out if they are to maintain their respect as a party and Democrats should work with rational party members. 


Right now, it seems that the disease has taken over most of the membership, including the speaker.  Save him. 


There’s no other cure.  Throw the rascals (politically economic idiots) out.


Otherwise the Republics are left to justify the influence and effects  of these insane actions. 

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