The kindom is not for the rich.


Human beings (and some animals selected by human beings with the intelligence and human characteristic to love) are creatures with capacity to care for others and to cooperate with each other and to work in the communal sense that is based on love.


Love tends toward cooperation and operates toward love of self, love of family, love of community, love of country, love of humanity and perhaps finally today, love of earth.  The best that human beings value and are inclined to do for humanity is founded on that developed characteristic and high quality of love.


This attribute has been underrated in the face of those who easily accept the less godly trait of competition and greediness as a drive for survival.   None of the characteristics of competition even for survival can be justified when confronting the acts of heroes who in their love would give their lives in the interest of others.


It is this spirit of cooperation that families and communities form, that other social serving groups form and that governments form.   That spirit of cooperation extends itself also into resolute formation of gangs, bands and cliques bent on evil.  These gangs may hold up within the internalities of society and within government itself.  


Companies and corporations are groups that would not necessarily fit into higher or lessor classifications.  Would those members of the richest corporations however fit “through the eye of the needle” as Jesus said to enter heaven?  This “fit” would require social responsibility and many social acts of love.


We might hold that the spirit of love most easily dwells within the heart and soul but in an environment that gives little reward to an outgoing life force, the spirit of greed prevails.


“To the fittest go the spoils” is a ready cry and attraction in today’s business environment but not a sustainable social goal given the nature of the American society and the history of its generosity.      


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