It could be said that business people today are aware of the global nature of the earth and that our planet is round.  But many of the politicians in Washington could be referred to as “flat heads” believing still that the earth is flat.


Under the flat earth lives the devil thriving on the evils that he causes on his frequent clandestine visits to the surface of the earth.  One of his greatest successes was the creation of the concept of government, although appearing to be for the good of mankind, government hides many of the evils that the devil has created.


The devil created taxes and before that, he created money so that all people would be involved in this forced behavior of paying taxes.  Within government he created the very taxing agency to collect taxes that Americans fought against, a revolution symbolized by the tea party actions of today.


We are today also warned and reminded of those early evils by a political group calling themselves the Tea Partiers.  Their vision is clear and they more easily see the work of the devil even across the long distance of a flat earth as well as within the political party that they have infiltrated.


They appear to forgive those business people who have been trapped within the globalism of evil, forced into off shore ventures because of the evils of communism, socialism and unionism festering here and represented by our very capitol, Washington D.C.


And today that very evil has reached its peck in the form of a foreign born now president who is black besides with the ears that betrays him as a work of the devil.


By stalling the works of government, by closing off government we divert and close off further works of the devil and we can do this within the guise of the functions of one of the main parties in the United States.  Obviously the other party with which we are in conflict on every point is also associated with evil.


That party, and all of us agree, has performed an act of socialism by calling it “affordable health care.”  We know it as the evil “Obama care” that it really is and therefore we must fight against it at all cost, even if we must destroy the financial structure of this country to do it.


While we are at it, we should destroy the other socialistic elements of government, Medicare, Social Security and especially “food stamps,” the festering works of the devil.  For these programs will certainly float us off the edge of the earth.


By cutting spending we reduce the fuel that drives government and the vitality of these socialist programs.  Funneling money upward to the rich insures the diminution of socialism and the drying up of socialistic programs dependent on tax revenues.

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