Serious stuff.


Senator Ted Cruz from Texas, not loved by the ordinary members of the Republican Party, his political positions to the furthest right seem to symbolize the ultimate direction in which Republican idealism would take us and therefore he is difficult if not impossible to extricate.


Unless the non-Tea Party Republicans can disassociate themselves and vote as individuals in the House, or the speaker ignores the influence of the Tea Partiers and functions as leader of the House, the United States is going to experience a number of years of non-government or dysfunction with Cruz as the symbolic leader of this deleterious movement.


Republicans must acknowledge openly and publicly that Cruz is anti-government and if he were in the position to do so would separate Texas and take the former Confederate States with him.  This in his mind would be the ideal situation.  And unless the Republicans see through this insanity and remove themselves from it, they too will go down the path of unreality.


The United States needs a normal two-party system to function and it is in the interest of normal Republicans and even in that of most liberal of Democrats to see to the removal of this infectious element that threatens our democracy. 


Republicans can no longer continue to work with this infected element of their Party.  None of us can continue to stand by and do nothing.


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