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Elected Officials Dissing A School Provokes Response

New Berlin Schools, School Board, State

During his conversation with some other Republican state legislators at a Madison hotel bar on January 24, state Sen. Mike Ellis (R-Neenah)  referred to the Green Bay School District and called Preble High School a “sewer” that had the “poverty possum”. 

We know about it because Senate President Ellis’ offensive remarks were caught on video  (via a citizen’s cellphone),  uploaded to PolitiScoop and reported.   Click here to read PolitiScoop’s report, view a picture of the school, and/or watch the video.

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Walker's Words Come Back to Haunt Him

State, political campaign scandal

For an Eagle Scout and minister's son, who insists he has integrity, Scott Walker sure seems to dance around the truth a lot. 

See PolitiFact's judging numerous Walker statements as falsehoods.

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A Real Case of Voter Fraud


Josh Israel at  Thinkprogress writes:

Though President Ronald Reagan called the right to vote the “ crown jewel of civil liberties”,  many Republicans around the country have begun demanding increased voting restrictions in the name of fighting “voter fraud”.   Though actual cases of voting fraud are so rare that a voter is much more likely to be struck by lightning than to commit fraud at the polls, one Republican official in Indiana has proved that lightning can strike himself.”

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Re: Walker Raiding Mortgage Fraud Settlement to Plug Budget Hole


On the subject of the state's budget deficit and Walker's plans----- 

Don't plug budget hole with mortgage funds says Journal Sentinel Editorial Board:

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Corruption Scandal Tarnishes Wisconsin's Reputation

Blogging, political campaign scandal, State

Gov. Scott Walker's corruption scandal brings shame to Wisconsin

That’s the title of a  Feb. 15  Isthmus/ Daily Page article by Brian Austin.

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Facts About Our U.S. Presidents

Did you know that Theodore Roosevelt suffered from asthma, Martin Van Buren popularized the phrase “ok” and Herbert Hoover spoke fluent Chinese?

You’ll find those tidbits and other interesting facts in the Huffington Post article Presidents Day: 44 Facts Your Didn’t Know About  Our U.S. Presidents (Photos).

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Voter Fraud?


Republican State Rep. Joel Kleefisch was caught on video during a Feb. 21, 2012 Assembly session, voting for an absent member.  

It’s on You Tube.   

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NB School Board Meeting Cancellations and Shuffle

School Board, New Berlin Schools

Tonight’s  (February 27 ) scheduled New Berlin Board of Education Meeting has been cancelled. 

According to the District's Web site, the next regularly scheduled meeting  will be March 12.   That meeting will be preceded by a Special Meeting of the Electorate  at 6:00 p.m. “for the transaction of business to approve permanent easements for Ronald Reagan Elementary School. “

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