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Veterans Compensation Needed Now

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Please consider supporting our veterans by sending a letter to the President. Feel free to copy this letter and send it off today!

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National Defense Authorization Act of 2011

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Please copy this letter and send it to your Congressional Person(s) and President Obama.

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Are Veterans Going To Loose This Benefit Too

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Inclue Agent Orange in Current National Defense Act

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Mr President Restore Veterans Benefits

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Less Than One Week Remains until Medicare 21% Physicians Reimbursement Cuts

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Russ Feingold and Medicare Cuts

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House Approves Legislation To Protect TRICARE

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If You Think Health Care Is Expensive Now

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Please send the following letter to your Senators and Representative --

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Medicare To Cut Your Benefits By 21% on March 1st

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On March 1, 2010, doctors face a minimum across-the-board cut of 21% in Medicare reimbursements as mandated by the Medicare Sustained Growth Rate (SGR) formula.
These cuts are a problem for all Americans because an AMA survey shows that these drastic cuts in Medicare payments will make it harder for patients to see their doctor.
Consider some of these alarming survey results:
• 60% of all doctors say a Medicare cut will force them to decrease or stop seeing new Medicare patients and to discontinue nursing home visits.
• A majority of doctors in rural communities say they will no longer be able to conduct important outreach services due to nine years of projected cuts.
• Nearly 75% of all doctors say the Medicare cuts will force them to delay purchasing critical new medical equipment.
• 65% of doctors say the Medicare cuts will force them to delay purchase of new health care technology.
Many doctors report that more Medicare patients are now being treated in emergency rooms for conditions that could have been treated in a physician's office, that it has become more difficult to refer patients to certain medical and surgical specialists, and that many seniors now must travel further for essential medical care.
I strongly urge you to contact your elected official to act IMMEDIATELY to stop the 21% cut in Medicare/TRICARE payments to doctors now scheduled to take effect on March 1, 2010.
As demonstrated by the one-year band-aids since 2002, We The People, need a permanent fix to this situation.
While fixes were part of the national health reform legislation, those bills are now on hold and we cannot wait while Congress tries to figure out what to do.
Unless we tell the Congress, act now, millions of seniors and military beneficiaries risk having their doctors stop seeing them, and thousands of stroke/accident victims will start bumping against the therapy cap.
You must ACT NOW and contact your elected official to reverse the 21% payment cut and preserve essential health care access for millions of seniors and military families.
As a minimum, extend the moratorium on cuts to physician reimbursements. Of course, a best solution would be to repeal the SGR (Sustained Growth Rate) formula with a better formula.

Senate Approves Medicare Doctor Payment Cut Delay

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Who Are The Masons

family, father, milwaukee, health, friends, veteran

Perhaps you have wondered what a Mason is. Perhaps you would like to become a Mason but do not know how. It is with much pride that I wish to share the following information with you about our organization.

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Will Representative Moore Forget Our Veterans

veteran, solider, marine, health

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What Will Destroy America

military, solider, veteran, family

 “The things that will destroy America are prosperity-at-any-price, peace at-any-price, safety-first instead of duty-first, the love of soft living, and the get-rich-quick theory of life.”

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Bonus Army March On Washington D.C.

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Military Retired Pay Fairness Act of 2009

Bay View, children, family, marine, political, veteran

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VA Medical Doctors Negligence Kills Marine Iraq War Veteran

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Local Iron Man Competes To Help Wounded Warriors and Challenged Athletes

police, Milwaukee, marine, solider, veteran, father, friends

For the past 31-year’s local Iron Man athlete Dave Orlowski has been competing in the Iron Man contest throughout the world. Recently Dave wrote and asked me to help in an endeavourer to raise funds for Wounded Warriors and Challenged Athletes.

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Fair Pay For Duty Performed

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Last Chance For Blue Water Sailors

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Democrats Block Military Health Benefits

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National Health Care Reform vs. Mililtary/VA Health Care

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Open Letter To President Obama

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Military Survivor Benifits May Be Cut

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Open Letter To Congresswoman Moore

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A Recovering American Solider

Bay View, children, christmas, family, father, life, military, things to do, veteran

When doing your Christmas cards this year, take one card and send it to this address. If we pass this on and everyone sends one card, think of how many cards these wonderful special people who have sacrificed so much would get.

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True Red and Blue

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Bay View, family, safety, veteran

Patriotism - what's it all about?

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Unless our Congress acts within the next 14 days, MEDICARE and TRICARE payments to doctors will be cut by 10.6% in July of 2008. If that comes to pass your access to health care will be much reduced because more doctors will stop seeing MEDICARE and TRICARE patients.

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identity theft, solider, veteran

A phishing scam has been sent to families of fallen Soldiers. As part of the scam, the proponents request personal information, such as SSN, DOB, addresses, etc., and are instructed to come to either visit the Army Human Resources Command Offices in Alexandria, VA, or email the information to an overseas Yahoo account.
Like most scams, the grammar is poor, it is not on official letterhead, nor does it come from a valid Army e-mail account. CRSC will never ask for personally identifiable information to be sent over e-mail due to security concerns. CRSC will never promise payment or award of any kind. CRSC is not eligible for SBP.
As Ambassadors and Affiliates, the program office wants to ensure you are aware of the scam in case you are asked about it.
Thank you,

---- example of letter ----

Supplemental Guidance for Benefit Pay off Section 644, P.L. 108-375, Administration Letter (BAL) #98-109, US Army Survivor Benefit Plan).

21 May 2008

Attn: Dear Mr.Mark,

We believe you are the next of kin of a deceased officer who died in service in that you bear the same name and last known geographical area of same person. We wish to duly compensate the family by paying the deceased officers benefits and financial entitlements to them. So many deceased officers have the same problem of difficulty in locating their kin but we are doing the best we can. We have gone as far as Asia, Central and southern Africa, Europe, Australia and the Americas in search for next of kin of deceased officers. So the benefits entitled to you amounts to $12,859,555.23 and you can receive it in one week.

Our search attorney Mr.Louis Manches. undertaking Group B16 search (AMERICA ,EUROPE & AFRICA SEARCH GROUP) found & located you.

We need you to come to our office at: U.S. Army Human Resources Command, Army Physical Disability Agency (CRSC), 200 Stovall Street Alexandria , VA 22332-0470 With photocopies of the following documents. (As the originals will not be returnable.)
1. Letter of Introduction or ID of next of kin (In which case you)
2. Sworn affidavit of next of kin.
3. You are also required to complete the forms below.

You can download these forms from our US Army Human Resources Command website using the URL (FOR DD FORM 2860) (web links deleted) Or Defense Technical Information website using this Url (FOR DD FORM 2656-7) (web links deleted)

To make it simpler for you, if you cant come to our offices yourself to submit these documents due to ill health or whatever you can appeal to your search attorney to file these documents on your behalf. The search attornies are legal practitioners contracted by the United States Army to help locate next of kins who are in various countries of the world. Your name fell among Group 16 Search which complises of beneficiaries from EUROPE,AMERICA & ASIA. The search attorney responsible for this areas is Barrister Louis Manches. It is the search attorney who shortlisted your name for payment. You are therefore advised to contact him if you have difficulty in completing the forms as well as providing the necessary documents. We understand the problems you could face in getting these documents owing to the fact that it has taken a long time when the officer died. You can write your search attorney for clarifications through the following email (e-mail address deleted by S1NET) If you also have problems filling all these forms , just fill out and return by email the short version attached below. Your search attorney will fill the rest of the forms on your behalf but of course you will contact him and negotiate this service with your search attorney. We expect to hear from you soon.

H.S. Park
Defense Finance and Accounting Service,
US Army Human Resources.

cc. Capt Sanjay Nangalia

Forwarded By Sanjay Nangalia
SBP Monitoring & Control Officer
US Army Survivor Benefit Plan

DD FORM 2860, JAN 2008
General Purpose Sheet
5. TELEPHONE (Include area code)
a. STREET (Include apartment number or P.O. Box)


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The Gratitude Campaign

Bay View, veteran


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You ain't gonna like losing

family, thugs, veteran

President Bush did make a bad mistake in the war on terrorism. But the mistake was not his decision to go to war in Iraq Bush's mistake came in his belief that this country is the same one his father fought for in WWII. It is not.

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Remember Fallen Cudahy Warrior Army Spc. Steven J. Christofferson

military, solider, veteran

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Support for Sole Survivors who are voluntarily discharged from the Armed Service



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HR 5868 - Retain Those Warriors with Combat Related Disabilities


With the difficulty in obtaining good recruits, the high costs and long lead times of training them, I strongly urge urge you write your Congress person to co-sponsor HR 5868, the Martin-Dodson Act, submitted by Rep. Steve Pearce, on April 22.

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Remember 2 fallen Marine Warriors

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Stop the 10% cuts in Medicare Payments

military, veteran

Stop the 1 July 10% cuts to Physician Reimbursements  
In three short months Medicare will cut physician payments by more than 10 percent. This cut will be a disaster for both Medicare and Tricare patients, as 60 percent of physicians say they will be forced to limit the number of new Medicare and Tricare patients they can treat. Senator Debbie Stabenow has introduced S.2785 which is an excellent step to preserve seniors' and military retiree access to health care. Please send the following message to your Senators -

As a former Marine and a veteran, I strongly urge you to write your Senator and Congress person to co-sponsorship and actively support S.2785, the Save Medicare Act of 2008. This legislative impacts both seniors on Medicare and military retirees on Tricare. Realize that Tricare reimbursement ratios are keyed to, but may not be greater than Medicare reimbursement ratios.
 As you are aware there looms a great health care crisis in our country. A physician operates a small business: a medical practice. While the costs of doing continue to increase, Medicare physician reimbursements have been decreasing according to the defective Sustained Growth Rate (SGR) formula of Medicare law. This is a problem for patients, military retirees, and their families, because it will force doctors to refuse new Medicare patients, discourages many from being able to invest in new health technology and makes many think about cutting staff or closing their medical practices altogether. The S.2785 would suspend the Medicare physician reimbursement cuts for 18 months and will not increase the cost of permanently fixing the fatally flawed SGR formula. The 18 month suspension will allow some stability into the system for seniors and physicians forced to make difficult practice decisions because of now scheduled payment cuts. These 18 months will allow Congress time to work on a long-term solution to repair the now broken physician reimbursement system without having to merely delay the cuts twice in one year.

This is not a partisan issue. Please, champion everyone you know to contact their Congress person to Cosponsor S.2785 today.

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Bay View Remember Staff Sergeant Christopher Frost

military, solider, veteran


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Why support Barack Obama


Why would you vote for Barack Obama when he won't salute the American flag? The flag of the country he wants to run!

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Bay View Veterans beware of this phone scam

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Marines - You gotta love em

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Men and Women Come Together To Support Veterans

Bay View, military, milwaukee, solider, veteran

The men and women of this organization have joined together to support all veterans. Consider joining the Patriot Guard Riders. For more information please read on . . .

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