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The NFL Should Have Started with Trust

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September 27, 2012

By Erik Reader – BBB Business Relations Specialist

The National Football League and the referees’ union reached a tentative agreement at midnight on Thursday. If you haven’t already seen a replay of the touchdown heard round the world, you missed what may have saved the integrity of the NFL.

The Seahawks-Packers Monday Night Football game led to an embarrassing saga and a game-deciding call that had implications felt around the league. What has been deemed a “terrible” call by the President of the United States put an immense pressure on the league to get the labor dispute resolved.

A year ago, the owners and the players had come to a labor agreement that helped keep the product of professional football intact. While it may have diminished moral and spirits during the offseason, the season went on with only a minor setback of a shortened training camp and a lost preseason game.

With this current season approaching, the owners and the referees had yet to come to a deal to make sure that the on-the-field product stayed at its highest standard. Although there were constant negotiations, there was no progress in reaching a deal.

So, the preseason went on as planned.  The players trained hard to make sure they had their spot on the roster, and new replacement referees worked to hone their skills. As the regular season began, still no deal had been struck. After a couple weeks of slightly delayed calls, and maybe one or two missed calls, what was to happen next surprised even the most casual of fan.

On the heels of a blatant miscall that handed one team a victory it may not have fairly deserved, the league has made it clear that the experience and knowledge of seasoned referees is of the upmost importance. Fans and players alike shared this opinion from the start, but it was a hard-headed decision by the league, that took something catastrophic to realize this.

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