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Cheers and Jeers

Sportswriter Steve Tietz will use this blog to try to duly reward the great, praise heartily the hard-working, uncover the unsung, and take to task the spoilsport, the foul-mouth and the crass in the local prep sports scene. He'll try to remember that kids are just kids and that coaches aren't in it for the money. He'll try to gently remind parents that the kids are playing for fun, not for profit and that the officials, though occasionally human and therefore prone to error, are there to ensure fair play and not out to get anyone.

Whitefish Bay baseball team gives Kaszubowski sweet send-off

Whitefish Bay pitcher Joe Kaszubowski's first tip-off to how special the night of June 23 was going to be was when some boxes were opened and a series of Navy-themed baseball jerseys popped out.

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Adams agrees to be interim Germantown boys basketball coach

Mark Adams knows he should be enjoying his retirement in more traditional ways, such as trips overseas, going to the beach, firing up the grill and reading a good book.

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Soccer would do well to eliminate "stoppage time"

A byzantine and antiquated rule as convoluted as the sport's governing body FIFA itself (if not quite as corrupt), soccer's concept of "stoppage time" has to go away and be replaced with a more modern system of timeouts that will allow the players, coaches and fans to know exactly how much time is left, especially in close, high-level games.

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Shorewood's Morris makes state golf trip memorable

Shorewood boys golf coach Drake Zortman looked at his senior Brian Morris when the two were on the tee-box of the 18th hole of the second and final day of the WIAA Division 2 state tournament at University Ridge in Verona on June 9, thought about things for a second, did an about face and then offered these words of wisdom:

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Menomonee Falls girls soccer team's state berth built on years of effort

Before I could get a word in edgewise on the phone on June 14 with Mike Unger, the frank, enthusiastic and occasionally profane former coach of the Menomonee Falls girls soccer program, he let loose with a loud, happy and sometimes blue monologue on why current Indian coach Scott Stein should be elected king of the world.

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