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Cheers and Jeers

Sportswriter Steve Tietz will use this blog to try to duly reward the great, praise heartily the hard-working, uncover the unsung, and take to task the spoilsport, the foul-mouth and the crass in the local prep sports scene. He'll try to remember that kids are just kids and that coaches aren't in it for the money. He'll try to gently remind parents that the kids are playing for fun, not for profit and that the officials, though occasionally human and therefore prone to error, are there to ensure fair play and not out to get anyone.

Franklin's Sullivan Stadium is dedicated

The gold and black balloons soared off into the surprisingly clear sky on what should have been a stormy night, but wasn't.

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Davit builds bonds with area youth one tennis ball at a time

Bo Zhang took his son Wentong to the airport last week for the flight to Harvard.

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Quam did all he could to get Nicolet football team ready

One year, veteran Nicolet football coach Dave Quam will have a happy and carefree August, where his only worries will be normal ones such as his depth along the line and whether the talented new quarterback will be able to grasp the offense quickly enough.

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"A one-year thing:" Nicolet cancels its varsity football season

There are no two ways about it, the last couple of Augusts for the Nicolet football team have been awful.

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50 years of summer baseball has been good to area teams

From the cozy, ivy-covered fences of West Bend, to the storm-spattered beauty of Stevens Point to the still very recent state-of-the-art glory that is Kapco Park in Mequon, the 50 years of WIAA summer baseball have seen it all.

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