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Cheers and Jeers

Sportswriter Steve Tietz will use this blog to try to duly reward the great, praise heartily the hard-working, uncover the unsung, and take to task the spoilsport, the foul-mouth and the crass in the local prep sports scene. He'll try to remember that kids are just kids and that coaches aren't in it for the money. He'll try to gently remind parents that the kids are playing for fun, not for profit and that the officials, though occasionally human and therefore prone to error, are there to ensure fair play and not out to get anyone.

Football coach Drake Zortman leaves Shorewood/Messmer for Homestead

No, Homestead football coach Dave Keel did not come calling on Drake Zortman Don Corleone-style saying, "I have an offer you cannot refuse."

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Hansen, Menomonee Falls baseball team get weight lifted with title

Though many years removed from his playing days as a tough-as-nails second basemen in his youth in Minnesota, Menomonee Falls baseball coach Pat Hansen still cuts a trim and fit figure as leader of the Indians.

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Manchester was a giant in world of Menomonee Falls athletics

A quiet man, whose few words were important.

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Niebrugge makes Homestead High proud again with finish at British Open

Immediately after he won the WIAA state golf title in 2012 for Homestead, the astounding Jordan Niebrugge of Mequon was paid the ultimate compliment by his heavily team-oriented coach Steve O'Brien.

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Homestead football program to get turf field

Everybody knows the structural, organizational and strategic foundations of the Homestead High School football empire are built on bedrock and have led to four WIAA state championships and a myriad number of other epic wins in the last 16 seasons.

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