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Cheers and Jeers

Sportswriter Steve Tietz will use this blog to try to duly reward the great, praise heartily the hard-working, uncover the unsung, and take to task the spoilsport, the foul-mouth and the crass in the local prep sports scene. He'll try to remember that kids are just kids and that coaches aren't in it for the money. He'll try to gently remind parents that the kids are playing for fun, not for profit and that the officials, though occasionally human and therefore prone to error, are there to ensure fair play and not out to get anyone.

Fairytale comes true for Oak Creek girls basketball team

The WIAA state championship trophy sat in Steph Kostowicz and Tamya Sims' hotel room overnight last Saturday in Green Bay.

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Jim Lawinger goes home

Opportunity knocks and Jim Lawinger answers.

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It was a long road to the title for Brown Deer's champs

Last Saturday was more than a little too much happiness for 32-year old Brown Deer boys basketball coach Kelly Appleby to take in, seeing as it was his son Felix's first birthday as well as the day his team won its first WIAA State D3 championship.

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Hawks find their way home, with humanity and root beer in hand

Infallible? No.

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Moving on has been hard for Warhawks

Germantown boys basketball coach Steve Showalter has heard and read the words "suspension" and "drug possession" far too many times in the last two months.

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