Cheers and Jeers

Sportswriter Steve Tietz will use this blog to try to duly reward the great, praise heartily the hard-working, uncover the unsung, and take to task the spoilsport, the foul-mouth and the crass in the local prep sports scene. He'll try to remember that kids are just kids and that coaches aren't in it for the money. He'll try to gently remind parents that the kids are playing for fun, not for profit and that the officials, though occasionally human and therefore prone to error, are there to ensure fair play and not out to get anyone.

Nicolet's McKenna comes home again to cross-country

It was clearly an omen in Nicolet boys' cross-country coach Mike McKenna's eyes.

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Family ties link Menomonee Falls Hall of Famers

How cool is it when the most proverbial slam-dunk (pardon the pun) of a future Menomonee Falls Athletic Hall of Famer comes by the high school the day of the latest induction ceremonies, looks around at the plaques of the current inductees and tells Athletic Director Ryan Anderson this?

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Post-unification period key in latest Falls Hall of Fame class

With just a couple of exceptions, the new class of the Menomonee Falls Athletic Hall of Fame celebrates the first great group of athletes in the post-unification era of 1984 to the present.

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Shorewood's Florsheim finding different roads to success

It's a sign of good mental health and emotional stability when a person admits to needing help.

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No need for hype: Unbeaten Oak Creek, Franklin football teams to clash

As if the annual "Helmet Game" needs any additional drama.

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