Brewer fans be careful out there

 Milwaukee Brewer fans be careful out there.

Many of you know who follow me are aware of the fact I was in the hospital for 12 days in January. Had three procedures in eight days, had 50 gallstones removed and my gallbladder taken out. Had a lot of free time in there and read 'A Dance with Dragons: A Song of Ice and Fire. My son-in-law, Jon, also surprised me with Sporting News Fantasy Baseball Magazine, which got me thinking about the Brewers baseball season.

I justed wanted to throw my two cents into the mix here on some things.

HUGE cut in budget.

Mark Attanasio has cut the budget $20 million dollars. I have no problem with that - although I thought it was a little sad that he raised some ticket prices while doing this. Pay more for less, but as long as people continue to toss their cash at them, more power to him. Miller Park is a fun place to be - and oh there is a game going on also (for some people).

What I appreciate about about him is he has shown he is not afraid to write a check when GM Doug Melvin asks him to. He is a wonderful business man and knows when to make the right decision.

Young pitching staff

The Brewers have been drafting pitchers for the past few years and I feel now is the time to give these kids a chance. The veteran SP's are not worth the money that is being asked or the draft choice the Brewers would have to give up, because it will probably be a high one next year.

If most fans have my attitude it will be fun to watch these kids develop. Hopefully they will get better with on the job training. I would rather watch them grow at a minimum wage value than make another Jeff Suppan blunder at a high salary.

Some will work out this year and others won't for various reasons (injury, inexperience, etc.). But what worries me is that people think that his team can REALLY (key word) contend for a playoff berth. And I understand that fans can be that way, but when I hear some of the talk show people talk playoffs, I worry the fans are being led to even more disappoinment.

This team is at best the third best team in the division. If you think that they are better than the Reds or Cards, you are wearing blue and gold sunglasses. There are also better teams in the other two divisions. This team has very little chance of contending in its current makeup.

HOWEVER, because of the offensive talents it possesses, it will be a fun team to watch and could be above .500. This is not a bad team, but it is not a REAL contender.

Bench Strength

While everyone was complaining about the lack of a veteran pitcher, I was wondering if the Brewers were only planning on playing the same nine guys every day.

While I think Melvin has done a fine job of rebuilding his bullen (Mike Gonzalez, Tom Gorzelanny, Burke Badenhop), but up until this week I was worried about the Brewers having another terrible bench.

But the signing of Alex Gonzalez should help that situation.

Counting on the likes of Bobby Crosby (age, injury), Donnie Murphy (journeyman), Jeff Bianchi and Taylor Green does nothing for me. Might as well have Yo pinch-hit. 

Look, Corey Hart is already hurt. As for Mat Gamel, he has had opportunities and has not taken advantage of them because of lack of production or injuries. If I hear one more person say he played well BEFORE he got hurt - he hit .246 with one HR and six RBIs in 21 games last year - I am going to lose it.

And now he is starting for Hart. That's how fragile this team is and it could also happen on the mound. If something happened to Yo, you are looking at a very long year.


Keep going to Miller Park, the Brewers need your money to be successful. With Attanasio, Melvin and the unsung Gord Ash the club is in good hands. Enjoy the year and hope for being a few games over .500 as this young staff matures.

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