Thoughts on the local pro teams

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With the weather knocking off more prep sports events faster than John Axford allows homers, I thought I would share some quick thoughts on the local professional sports teams.


Right now the Brewers are a mess because of injuries to Jean Segura, Aramis Ramirez and Corey Hart. They were playing with three shortstops in their infield, which one would think would help their defense, except two of them were at 3B and 1B. Need some quick healers here.

SP is questionable, because except for Kyle Lohse, the first time through the rotation was a disaster. All those 'wonderful' moves GM Doug Melvin did to 'improve' the bullpen doesn't look too good so far. If the starters go 7 innings, how confident are you that the pen will hold the lead?

I still can't wait to go home and watch the games every night, however, so they still have my attention.



The Bucks are under .500 and they made the eighth and final playoff spot. In the NBA, like hockey, it's more interesting to see who didn't make the playoffs. And the fact that the worst team doesn't get the first pick shows you what David Stern thinks of the integrity of his teams. Speaking of the lottery when Patrick Ewing went to the Knicks and Derrick Rose went to the Bulls in the lottery, does anyone really think that was by chance?  Please. But Sterns thinks we're all stupid.

I'm a casual Bucks fan. When they're winning I watch. So I haven't been watching much lately.

Brandon Jennings is acting his age - people forget he's 23 years old - but he has no clue how good he's not. Monta Ellis cares about one thing - play well and get a big contract with some other team. And Monta, try smiling now and then so people think you care. Larry Sanders, a very talented big man, needs to keep his mouth shut because his attitude toward the refs just hurts the team when he draws technicals or gets tossed. They are looking for you now, Larry.

So now the Bucks made the playoffs and will face Miami and they will fall faster than a bowling ball off the Empire State Building.

But I will be watching when the playoffs start unless the Brewers or Games of Thrones is on.



I can honestly say, I have been a Ted Thompson fan from the start. But I can also say he spolied me. Their last two seasons were disappoinments in my eyes despite a combined 26-6 record-season mark. The fact that they quickly lost in the post-season - which is all that really counts - is bad, but getting embarrassed is what killed me. I have never seen a team that was more lost than Dom Capers' defense against the 49ers last year.

But I have marked my calender for the NFL Draft and I will be watching because that's where Ted does his thing. Sure I would like to sign some name free agents, but when I see the $ some of these average players sign, I figured I would sooner spend the $ on Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews and BJ Raja.

Unfortunately after seeing what some of the competition has done, the Packers are - at best - the fourth-best team in the NFC right now.


So that's why I can't wait for the rain to stop and the local prep teams to get back on the field.

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