Happy New Year! Looking ahead for pros and preps.

As the New Year gets underway, I wanted to share some thoughts on our top three pro teams.


I like to think professional sports is about winning, especially in Green Bay. After reading all the reports on the Packers-49ers game about GB trying hard, what if's, they ALMOST won etc. - people, they are not a good team, playing in a lousy division. Want to judge them, look at their record (8-8-1). Can't be more average than that. And people stop whining about injuries, it's part of sports. Good teams have people step up. The Packers did, but not enough. Broken bones you can't do anything around, but too many hamstring injuries (really). There are too many players on this team that can't play, yet they are playing. That's the front office and coaching.


OK, Doug Melvin, hope you enjoyed your holiday. The Brewers still don't have a first baseman. You traded a cheap, well-rounded outfielder-lead-off man for a middle RP, maybe LH starter. Really? I give Melvin the benefit of the doubt, assuming now he will be busy to try to improve a fourth-place team that is still a fourth-place team. But if I hear Juan Francisco's name one more time as a guy that can play 1B, I will admit the Brewers don't care about being competitive.


I don't want the Bucks to win - period. I want them to be competitive and I cheer for them when I watch them, but I want the first or second pick in the draft more than a good record. As a result I CAN'T lose as a fan. If they win, I say 'Yea!' If they lose I say 'Yea.' They have some nice young talent and some interesting vets. Maybe if they all got healthy they would be more interesting.


Let's look at the local prep basketball surprises so far - teams or individuals - later this week. Until then, stay warm.

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