Man arrested for possession wanted weed back

March 30, 2009 12:28 p.m. | Believe it or not, South Milwaukee police won't return confiscated drugs to those arrested for possession.

According to a South Milwaukee police report:

A 27-year-old South Milwaukee man was arrested for possession of paraphernalia and 1.4 grams of marijuana in the 1800 block of Rawson Avenue at 3:38 a.m. Thursday.

At the police station, the man asked for his pot back.

"Can I have the marijuana back, so I can sell it and get back what I paid for it?" the man asked.

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Woman not drunk, just bad at parking

March 30, 2009 12:26 p.m. | A shoddy parallel parking job might raise a few eyebrows, but it isn't illegal.

According to a South Milwaukee Police report:

An anonymous caller told police that a drunken driver was trying to pull away from a bar in the 1200 block of Milwaukee Avenue at 4:34 p.m. Thursday.

Police responded to find a 20-year-old woman who wasn't intoxicated; she was only trying to park her car.

The woman told police that she just isn't very good at parallel parking.

Students face suspension for sending nude photos by phone

March 27, 2009 5:12 p.m. | As many as nine West Allis high school students face suspension for their alleged involvement in an incident in which nude photos of some students were sent via cell phone to other students, a West Allis police lieutenant said Friday.

Lt. Terry Morrissey, head of the police department's sensitive crimes unit, said no arrests will be made in the incident. He said the parents of all of the students involved had been notified. He said the students would face suspension from school for their actions.

Eight of the students attend Nathan Hale High School. One student attends West Allis Central High School.

Morrissey said it was his judgment that the photos of the nude students were not sexually explicit. He did not say how many nude photos were sent among the students who were involved.

Kurt Wachholz, superintendent of the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District, said in a statement released by the district Friday afternoon that the district was treating such incidents very seriously.

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Father in Whitefish Bay drug case pleads not guilty

March 27, 2009 10:02 a.m. | Richard Laughrin, who has admitted he helped dump an unconscious Madison Kiefer in a driveway minutes before she was pronounced dead, pleaded not guilty Friday to two felonies.

The 58-year-old Shorewood man was charged with child abandonment and neglect after Kiefer's death. On Friday, prosecutors added misdemeanor charges of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Laughrin, who is free on bail, also pleaded not guilty to those charges.

Authorities are still awaiting State Crime Lab test results to determine the cause of Kiefer's death. She was 15 and a Whitefish Bay High School freshman when she died March 1.

Kiefer had a history of drug abuse. A witness has told police Kiefer obtained drugs from Laughrin's son, Matthew, the night before she died, and spent the night at his Whitefish Bay home.

Richard Laughrin has said his son called him the next morning and they drove Kiefer to the Whitefish Bay home of one of Kiefer's friends. The friend told police she brought Kiefer from the driveway inside her home, where Kiefer was pronounced dead a short time later.

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Police identify swimming instructor arrested in sexual assaults

March 26, 2009 8:08 p.m. | A 61-year-old man who works as a part-time aquatics program coordinator for the West Allis-West Milwaukee Recreation Department was in jail Thursday, suspected of sexually assaulting young boys for more than 30 years, authorities said.

Daniel Acker of Waukesha was arrested Monday during a swim practice at West Milwaukee Middle School, said Deputy Inspector Bradley Wentlandt of the Greenfield Police Department. Acker is suspected of assaulting boys between the ages of 7 and 15 from the 1970s to 2008, police said.

Acker is suspected in hundreds of assaults involving dozens of children over the years, police said. Some of the assaults are alleged to have occurred in Greenfield.

Acker has been placed on leave by the recreation department and is being held in the Milwaukee County Jail pending charges.

The recreation department is run by the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District, Superintendent Kurt Wachholz said in a news conference Thursday afternoon.

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Waukesha police raid results in crack cocaine charges

March 26, 2009 5:00 p.m. | Waukesha - Three people were charged Thursday in connection with crack cocaine sales after police raided a downtown apartment late Wednesday.

Among those arrested was a sex offender who police determined was illegally living in the apartment because it is in an area in which sex offenders cannot reside, Waukesha Police Capt. Mark Stigler said.

Tina M. Bogues, 23, of Waukesha, and Tommy Lee Simpson, 21, the sex offender, were arrested after a search warrant was executed at 319 W. Main St.

Brad A. Pratchet, of Milwaukee, 24, of Milwaukee, was arrested Wednesday sometime after he delivered crack to an undercover detective who had arranged through an informant to buy it from Bogues, according to a criminal complaint filed Thursday in Waukesha County Circuit Court.

Pratchet is charged with manufacturing/delivering cocaine.

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DOT considers a dozen roundabouts on 27th Street

March 25, 2009 6:43 a.m. | The Wisconsin Department of Transportation will at least consider transforming up to a dozen intersections along the 27th Street corridor from traffic-light control to roundabouts.

The DOT on Tuesday held a public information meeting to get feedback on the design alternative, one of several options, and to try to acquaint the public with the concepts of roundabouts.

Expanding all major signalized intersections along the six-mile stretch is also a possibility, said Vida Shaffer, DOT project manager.

At Tuesday's meeting, the DOT indicated that if a roundabout corridor is selected, roundabouts would be proposed for College Avenue, Sycamore Street, Riverwood Boulevard, Rawson Avenue, NML Way, Drexel Avenue, Forest Hill Avenue, Puetz Road, Hill Top Lane, and Ryan, Oakwood and Elm roads.

Area residents aren’t completely sold on the dizzying series of proposed roundabouts.

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House owned by Selig may be used for training by police, fire departments and MATC

March 25, 2009 6:25 a.m. | Bayside - Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig is seeking approval to tear down a $371,000 house that he recently purchased next door to his Bayside home so that he can have a bigger lot and plant a garden on the 1.6-acre property. But before that happens, Selig plans to allow several groups to use the 48-year-old home for training purposes.

About 30 carpentry students from the Milwaukee Area Technical College would use the vacant home to practice some of the skills they've learned in class. And when the students are done gutting the house, the Bayside Police Department may use it for a training exercise involving paintball guns. Finally, plans call for the North Shore Fire Department use the building in yet another exercise.

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Glendale council pushing for election of MATC Board

March 24, 2009 3:24 p.m. | Glendale - The Common Council is pressing county and state elected officials for a change in state law so that board members of Milwaukee Area Technical College would be elected by voters rather than appointed.

The effort is being spearheaded by Ald. Elliott Moeser, a former MATC Board member.

The council passed a resolution in October calling for the change in law but received responses from only two elected officials, Moeser said Tuesday.

At Moeser's request, the council on Monday directed Mayor Jerome Tepper to contact the elected officials who haven't responded to ask their position on the issue and to urge them to support an elected MATC Board, Moeser said.

The officials who were sent the resolution include county and state elected officials who represent the Glendale area, as well as Gov. Jim Doyle, he said.

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Restaurant would replace Heinemann's

March 24, 2009 2:40 p.m. | A breakfast and lunch restaurant called Maxfields Pancake House could open in the former Heinemann's Restaurant location at Audubon Court, 333 E. Brown Deer Road, Bayside.

The Plan Commission last week recommended approval by the Village Board of a permit allowing the restaurant to open.

Maxfields, owned by Gus Zarmakoupis, would be open from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily serving breakfast and lunch.

Zarmakoupis said he hopes to open in mid- to late-April.

The board will vote on the recommendation at its 6 p.m. Thursday, April 2, meeting at the Village Hall, 9075 N. Regent Road.

Woman accused of using phony IDs to steal electronics

March 24, 2009 11:38 a.m. | A 21-year-old California woman has been charged with felony theft after she was arrested at the Best Buy store in Wauwatosa.

Brittany Bergman had the FBI looking for her due to numerous crimes committed under several aliases in Illinois, Indiana and Chicago.

The search ended at 2:14 p.m. Thursday when she tried to purchase a $2,000 laptop computer and $500 gift card at Best Buy, 2421 N. Mayfair Road, with a recently opened line of credit.

According to a Wauwatosa Police Department report:

The cashier grew suspicious after Bergman's purchase was declined because she had gone over her credit limit. Instead of forgoing the purchase, Bergman had the cashier try about five more times, each time decreasing the amount of the gift card and finally dropping the computer from the transaction.

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Muskego man wins $151,000 in lottery

March 23, 2009 8:11 p.m. | Brian Michaels of Muskego has won $151,000 in the Wisconsin Lottery.

On March 16, Michaels redeemed the only winning jackpot ticket from the March 14 Badger 5 drawing. He had the winning numbers, 06, 08, 10, 18 and 24.

Michaels bought his $5 ticket at Johnny’s Petroleum Products, W17871 Janesville Road. After taxes, he will receive slightly more than $103,000.

For selling Michaels his winning ticket, Johnny’s Petroleum will receive $3,020 from the lottery. Lottery retailers who sell winning tickets with prizes of $600 or more earn the equivalent of 2 percent of the prize, up to a maximum of $100,000.

Badger 5 is a $1 daily lotto game with jackpots that start at $10,000 and grow a minimum of $1,000 a day until they are won. Players win the rolling jackpot by matching their five numbers to the five numbers drawn each night.

Man tries driving home after accident, air bag deploys

March 23, 2009 2:02 p.m. | A 51-year-old Grafton man was arrested for drunken driving after he drove from Oak Creek to Wauwatosa with his air bag deployed Wednesday evening.

According to a Wauwatosa Police Department report:

The man had been drinking at On The Border, a strip club, and on his way out of Oak Creek, he struck a pole and damaged the front of his vehicle.
His air bag deployed, but he kept driving about 20 miles until his vehicle ran out of gas in the 10700 block of North Ave. He sat in his car until police arrived, but seemed a bit delusional because he begged them not to report him to the Secret Service.

He refused blood-alcohol content tests, but had the Wauwatosa Fire Department take him to Froedtert Hospital for neck pain.

Fire chief charged by union with racist behavior

March 20, 2009 4:14 p.m. | On allegations of repeated racist language and racist attitudes, the South Milwaukee firefighters union has filed charges seeking the demotion or removal of Fire Chief Jay Behling, according to a statement of charges filed with the city's Police and Fire Commission.

City officials levied a three-day suspension this week - a penalty costing the chief about $1,000 in pay, City Administrator Tami Mayzik said. She said the city still feels this was the appropriate punishment.

According to the statement of charges released by the Firefighters Protective Association:

Behling "intentionally and repeatedly used racist language and expressed a racist attitude ... in front of his subordinates, thereby compromising his ability to effectively command and supervise the city of South Milwaukee Fire Department."

In one specific instance during a Feb. 16 annual performance review for firefighter Ryan Kurz, Behling discussed his views about the food pantry at his church, allegedly using a racial slur referring to African Americans who use the pantry.

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Franklin mayor vetoes decision to seek stimulus funds for 51st Street

March 19, 2009 4:56 p.m. | Franklin Mayor Thomas Taylor Thursday vetoed a Common Council action to request federal stimulus dollars for reconstruction of South 51st Street.

On Tuesday, the council voted 5-1 to apply for federal funds for the reconstruction of the street from north of Rawson Avenue to West College Avenue.

Taylor said he vetoed the action of the council because he opposes possible widening of the street from two to four lanes.

"My opposition to the widening of this roadway was vociferously echoed by the large crowd in attendance at the meeting and the calls and e-mails I received. The people of Franklin in the neighborhoods bordering this street do not want four lanes of traffic on this stretch of 51st Street," Taylor said in a letter released to the news media Thursday afternoon.

Taylor acknowledged the council has not yet made a decision on whether 51st Street should be two or four lanes.

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$6,000 worth of wire stolen from utility poles

March 16, 2009 9:18 p.m. | Copper wiring is believed to have been taken from about 60 utility poles on the city's east side.

We Energies employees and West Allis police investigated the theft on March 9 and discovered wiring missing from poles between 68th, 76th, Burnham and Lincoln streets.

Estimated damage is $6,000.

Police have no witnesses or suspects, said Police Capt. Bill Kreuser, who noted that such thefts are often done by drug addicts who exchange the metal for money.

Three students arrested in school bomb threat

March 16, 2009 9:12 p.m. | Three students were arrested in connection with a bomb threat made at Frank Lloyd Wright Intermediate School last week.

Administrators on March 9 received anonymous information about a possible threat, which they later found to be a hoax designed to shut down the school, police Capt. Bill Kreuser said.

Two girls and a boy were arrested and may be charged in children's court, Kreuser said.

Franklin police dealing with rash of burglaries

March 16, 2009 7:46 p.m. | Franklin police have seen a rise in the number of burglaries this year as well as a jump in how much is being taken during those break-ins.

So far this year, there have been 22 burglaries reported in the city - compared to 16 at this same time this year. And police Capt. Clark Groen says many high-priced items have been taken during those break-ins.

"We haven’t had that many more burglaries for this time of year, but the value of the items seems to be higher," he said.

"The most recent have involved two residences where some fairly expensive jewelry has been stolen," he said.

One of a spate of unsolved burglaries occurred March 5 in the 10200 block of West Deerwood Lane. The front door of a home was kicked in and the interior ransacked. About $475 and an undetermined amount of jewelry was taken.

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Man arrested after attempting to steal donations

March 16, 2009 4:00 p.m. | An 18-year-old Greenfield man was arrested for attempting to steal a Habitat for Humanity donation bin at Mayfair Mall, 2500 N. Mayfair Road, at 9:17 a.m. Friday.

According to a Wauwatosa Police Department report:

The man dragged the bin into a corridor that runs behind the food court.

From a surveillance video, police saw the man loitering near the bin. He then slowly began to drag the bin about 25 feet.

After dragging it, he sat down on the floor next to it, and tried to open it, but when he was unsuccessful, he continued to drag it into the corridor.

Man charged in fatal Wauwatosa bus stop shooting

March 10, 2009 4:32 p.m. | A 28-year-old man was charged Tuesday in the fatal shooting of another man at a Wauwatosa bus stop over the weekend.

According to a criminal complaint, Richard L. Harper of Wauwatosa is charged with first-degree intentional homicide, use of a dangerous weapon, in the shooting death of Marc Joseph Boldt of Milwaukee.

Boldt, 38, was shot shortly after 1 p.m. Saturday at the northeast corner of N. 68th St. and W. Wisconsin Ave.

According to the complaint, Harper told police he became upset and shot Boldt after Boldt offered to perform a sex act on him in exchange for money.

If convicted, Harper would face a maximum sentence of life plus five years in prison.

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Greenfield candidate files complaint

March 10, 2009 3:55 p.m. | A candidate for alderman in Greenfield who called police after getting into an altercation with the man she is running against filed a complaint Tuesday with City Clerk Jennifer Goergen.

Goergen said she would review the matter for any election law violations. Greenfield police also are investigating and plan to forward their case to the city attorney.

The incident occurred Monday afternoon when Pam Akers, who is challenging Ald. Don Almquist for his District 4 seat, saw Almquist remove one of her campaign brochures from on top of a resident's mailbox. Almquist admitted taking the brochure, but said he did so because the resident had given him permission to put his campaign sign in her yard. He denied Akers' allegation that he drove his car aggressively at her.

Police Deputy Inspector Brad Wentlandt said Almquist returned Akers' brochure to the resident. Akers said Almquist did so only after she called police.

The two candidates also exchanged words about an hour later at City Hall, where police had suggested Akers make a complaint.

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Woman drank before driving to Elm Grove police station

March 10, 2009 11:46 a.m. | A 49-year-old Elm Grove woman found herself in trouble with police twice in the span of two days last week.

Elm Grove police arrested the woman after she took $1,200 in merchandise from Jenny's Cards and Gifts, Z Gallery and Mystic Ireland, 13425 Watertown Plank Road, at 1:19 p.m. March 5.

During a search, police also found $947 in merchandise from Tickled Pink, 17125 W. Bluemound Road, in the woman's possession, and Brookfield police cited her for receiving stolen property.

Two days later, the woman drove to the Elm Grove Police Department, 13600 Juneau Boulevard, to meet with officers to discuss the retail theft. When the woman arrived at 12:56 p.m. March 7, officers noticed the woman appeared intoxicated, and she was arrested for drunken driving.

Blood was drawn to determine her blood-alcohol content.

Girl, 16, busted for padding her bra with drugs

March 09, 2009 5:12 p.m. | A 16-year-old Brookfield girl was arrested for possession of marijuana last week after she hid 1.45 grams of the drug in her bra at school.

Police responded to Brookfield East High School, 3305 Lilly Road, at 1:39 p.m. March 6, after another student told school officials the girl had hidden the drugs in her bra. School officials called the girl to the office, but she refused to remove the drugs.

A female police officer was brought in to conduct a search and found the drugs in a plastic bag in the girl's bra.

Man arrested for running prostitution ring in Wauwatosa

March 09, 2009 5:04 p.m. | A 25-year-old Milwaukee man was arrested yesterday for soliciting prostitutes and putting them up at Super 8, 115 N. Mayfair Road.

According to Wauwatosa Police reports:

Officers received a call from a woman saying her 22-year-old sister from Green Bay had dropped off her kids Feb. 23 saying she was going out with friends. It was not until March 6 that the sister called crying and saying she was being held against her will.

Officers found the Green Bay woman and a 20-year-old Milwaukee woman in a hotel room. The Green Bay woman said she and a friend had hung out with an acquaintance in Green Bay who had asked her to go on a trip to Florida with her. But on March 1, they arrived in Wauwatosa and picked up the Milwaukee woman and had been staying in the hotel since.

The Green Bay woman told officers she started getting scared because the man kept talking to her about prostituting herself, and the Milwaukee woman, who is familiar to Wauwatosa police due to a past shoplifting incident, coached her on getting guys drunk, avoiding cops and stealing customers' credit cards. During the next week, they took her to clubs around Milwaukee and Chicago to practice and gave her a cell phone to use if she had any interest from potential customers. The man started getting angry because she was not soliciting jobs.

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