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Separation of Church & State?

Quality of Life, U.S., Political

I am not Catholic but I am outraged over the application of PPACA (a/k/a ObamaCare) that has caused the government to determine that all Catholic institutions and health care facilities are no longer going to be able to observe their historical requirements to oppose abortions.  Their policies and health care plans will have to be changed to permit abortions.

This is the way the Obama Administration intends to enforce the rules behind PPACA.  Out of the government's graciousness, however, the church and related organizations will be granted another year in which to make all this happen.

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The West Allis Players will be presenting our final Children's Series at 2 p.m. this Sunday, February 5. The show will be at Nathan Hale High School, 116th and Lincoln Avenue. The theater doors are actually on 117th street and there is lots of parking.
The show is "The Princess Went Thataway" and will be performed by Concordia University.
A nasty king wants to take over a nearby planet. The king and queen of that brave planet need the help of their daughter, Princess Stacy, to defeat this evil ruler and keep their planet. The show features brave soldiers, a clever prince and princess and lots of excitement.
We are having auditions for our spring show, "In Lieu of Flowers" at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, February 7 and Wednesday, February 8 at West Allis Central Auditorium, 8500 West Lincoln Avenue. I wrote this play and am so excited to see it on the stage!
Most of the parts were cast at the play's workshop in August. The open parts are: One male, late 20s-late 30s and one female the same age range. I also need three men as truck drivers (minimal lines) and non-speaking extras. The show runs April 27 - May 6. Please contact Katherine at 414-412-0643 or visit for a complete synopsis of the show.

New layout still weighing on wrestling coaches

Arrowhead wrestling coach Jeremy Miller admits a little bit of bias favoring the heavier-weight wrestlers, himself a bigger guy who wrestled and played football at Lakeland High School.

"Ideally, I think if you have good support from your football program, it will prepare you well for wrestling," Miller said. "I'll go out and tell anybody if you have a good wrestler, they're going to be a good football player because they know how to battle."

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This has been a very warm winter

 It is unbelievable as to the warm temperatures that we have had lately. This winter is the warmest one I can remember from the past. Enjoy yourselves as this weather may not last much longer. This is winter and weather surprises came come with little warning. Be aware of what is happening around you. Dress warm in case of sudden changes in weather.  Please support the Bay View community.

Village Buzz - February 2nd

Germantown, Education, School Board, Taxes, Quality of Life, Village Buzz

I read of the Milwaukee School Board's refusal to permit the food service work to be outsourced in spite of the fact that these union employees were being favored with "fringe" benefits equal to an additional105.8% of their compensation.  That is right; if they are earning $10 per hour (and I feel certain that is way too low but it is easy for comparison purposes), their benefits are costing another $10.58 per hour for a total of $20.58 per hour.

I made inquiry of the Germantown School District office and was pleased to learn that we are not saddled with anything like that example.  Our District has 3 full time union employees receiving full benefits.  They receive about 35% in fringe benefits.  We have 11 part time union employees receiving partial benefits that cost about 8% of their salary.  We have 19 part time non-union employees whose cost is some 6% for fringe benefits, and we have 12  part time non-union employees who work a few hours daily who receive no benefits.  All compensation and benefits costs for these employees are covered by food service revenue.

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Ex-Iceport site in Cudahy draws interest

Cudahy, Industrial

Some possible new light industrial and office uses have surfaced for portions of the former Iceport site, in Cudahy.

One prospective development would use 10 acres for a distribution center, and another would use 6 to 8 acres for a similar project, including office space, said Brian Biernat, Cudahy's economic development director.

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Competency exam ordered for driver in double fatal New Year's crash

A judge on Thursday ordered a mental competency examination for the man charged with killing a New Berlin couple in a New Year's Day drunken driving crash.

Ed and Jean Thaves were sitting at a stoplight when prosecutors say Kelly Duke, 17, lost control of the speeding, stolen car he was driving and crashed through the roof of the couple's car, before running away from the scene.

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Conservative Talk Radio Liberty or Lies

Free Market Capitalism

Milwaukee Public Television aired a program called Conservative Talk Radio – Liberty or Lies last Tuesday January 30th.  They will rebroadcast on February 4th at 10:30. You may also view the entire program via the internet at:


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Bellafini's in the works on National in New Berlin

Italian, Openings

After closing in Fond du Lac, Bellafini’s Trattoria is expected to be open for dinners in New Berlin by March 1.

Chef Chris Giaimo, who owns the restaurant with his wife, Jennifer, said he had considered Appleton and Brookfield but decided on New Berlin. He’s originally from the Milwaukee area.

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Christian Economic Policies

U.S., Political, Quality of Life

President Obama spoke to the assemblage at the National Prayer Breakfast yesterday.  He spoke of his economic policies as having come from his Christian faith and cited the passage "for unto whom much is given, much shall be required" as he dicussed his effort to increase taxes on "the rich", in order to provide more for "the poor".  This has caused a lot of discussion and one of the themes has been that of the cynics who wonder if this relatively new approach from the President is part of his differentiation of himself from the likely opposition candidate in the coming election, the Morman, Mitt Romney.

Another group of cynics question if the President is really a practicing member of the Christian faith or if this is simply his effort to attract another voting block for the Fall.

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Elected Officials Dissing A School Provokes Response

New Berlin Schools, School Board, State

During his conversation with some other Republican state legislators at a Madison hotel bar on January 24, state Sen. Mike Ellis (R-Neenah)  referred to the Green Bay School District and called Preble High School a “sewer” that had the “poverty possum”. 

We know about it because Senate President Ellis’ offensive remarks were caught on video  (via a citizen’s cellphone),  uploaded to PolitiScoop and reported.   Click here to read PolitiScoop’s report, view a picture of the school, and/or watch the video.

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Rocky Marcoux will speak at Bay View Historical Society Meeting

  On Monday, February 6, 2012, The Bay View Historical Society will have Rocky Marcoux speak at its February general meeting at 7 PM, at the Beulah Brinton Community Center. located at 2555 S. Bay St. in Bay View. He will discuss developments within Milwaukee's past, present and future. He is with the Department of City Develpment and will be the guest speaker. Everybody is wecome to attend this meeting. For more information, see: online.

Venue Shopping & GAB

Wisconsin, Political, Quality of Life, People Making A Difference

It was no surprise to see the Court of Appeals render its decision to vacate the decision of Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge J. Mac Davis.  The Davis decision, of course, was the one in which he chided the GAB and said it needed to be more aggressive in its role of reviewing recall petition signatures.

This decision made it clear that the Appeals Court judges felt Davis erred when he didn't permit the recall committee to intervene in the proceedings.  Davis seemed to say that the press of time made that impractical.  There is no secret that Dane County-based courts seem more liberal in their decisions than do the courts in Waukesha County.  One is home to arguably the most liberal voters in Wisconsin while the other is often cited as the most conservative county in our state.

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The Super Bowl is now over

  I had hoped to see the Green Bay Packers play in the Super Bowl, but unfortunately this will not happen.  There is always the next year. We had an excellent season this year, but we don't always get what we want. I wish to thank them for an outstanding football season in 2011. Someday, they will return to the Super Bowl again. Please support the Green Bay Packers NFL Football team.

Shorewood considers prospects at ex-Catholic Life building

Shorewood, Office

The former headquarters of Catholic Family Life Insurance is among possible future development sites in Shorewood, according to village officials.

The 50,200-square-foot office building, at 1572 E. Capitol Drive, was left vacant after Catholic Family was merged into the larger Catholic Knights, based at 1100 W. Wells St., in Milwaukee. 

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Holcomb's belief in himself calls him to walk-on to Minnesota

Germantown football player Ben Holcomb believes in himself.

So much so, that he turned down NCAA Football Championship Subdivision (the level before NCAA Division I) scholarship offers to take his chances as a preferred walk-on at the Big 10's University of Minnesota.

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Wild's death leaves a vast hole in the athletic community and the world in general

This loss of potential, of a great invigorating life force is a terrible thing.

Of having someone be so terrific at what he did and for simply being who he was and hoping that he would be around for a long, long time to just keep being himself is something that makes people smile, makes them feel better about themselves and about humanity in general.

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Falls receives boon from WIAA concerning basketball seeding

At the WIAA seeding meeting for the southern half of the Manitowoc Division 1 boys basketball sectional on Saturday, the no-brainer decisions are unbeaten and top-ranked Germantown getting the first seed and eighth-ranked Homestead earning the two, while struggling Hartford and Waukesha South will likely get the eighth and ninth seeds, respectively.

But in-between all that is a horse race with the five remaining teams vying for that coveted three-seed and the opportunity to stay away from highly dangerous Germantown until possibly the sectional semifinals on March 8.

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Whitefish Bay honors first Hall of Fame class

There were a lot of good and kind words that came out of the mouths of the honored eight at the first Whitefish Bay Athletic Hall of Fame induction ceremonies Friday.

As the T-shirt they received said: "Once a Blue Duke always a Blue Duke."

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'Team Navarre' brings GT, Homestead rivals together for a great cause

On the football field or on the basketball court, they'd rather have root canal surgery without anesthetic than give each other any quarter, but the athletic teams, faculty, students and administrations of Homestead and Germantown high schools do know how to come together for a good cause.

Feb. 23 was a prime example, as during the Warhawks boys 79-71 basketball win over host Homestead, a very enthusiastic combination bake sale, silent auction and a 50/50 raffle were going on in the Highlanders' field house.

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