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Joe Wilson was right

Does the president lie in his quest to socialize medicine?



A goodie circulating on the Internet...

Let me get this straight............. 

We're going to pass a Health Care Plan written by a committee whose head says he doesn't understand it, passed by a Congress that hasn't read it but exempts themselves from it, signed by a president that also hasn't read it, and who smokes, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn't  pay his taxes, overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and financed by a country that's nearly broke. 

What possibly could go wrong?

From the "MUST SEE VIDEO" file

Helmet camera
captures man buried alive in Alaskan avalanche.




Uhhhh, say Kev......why are you congratulating Mark Maley?

Mark Maley is the man in charge of all the NOW community blogs. You think that’s an easy job? Trying to keep control of, well, for

Maley has to keep track of over 270 blogs on all the various NOW sites, meaning he has to torture himself by actually reading stuff by Linda Richter and Lester Schultz and Jim McGuigan. The good news is he no longer has to deal with anything written by former NOW bloggers like Cindy Kilkenny, Greg Kowalski, or Fred Keller who could care less about the truth and whose junk could get him sued.

Add the fact that Journal Communications cut his staff by 843% and this guy and his wife could use some good news.

Did he and his wife celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary?

Ummmmmm…….that’s close, but not right.

Did Mrs. Maley come to her senses and finally toss that cad out of the house?

Ummmmmmm….nope, but there’s always hope for the poor woman.

Look, I’m not divulging, ok?

I’ll just suggest that if you bump into either of the two, ask politely why they’re grinning from ear to ear.

I know why, and it’s really cool.

Friday night on InterCHANGE

Here are the topics the panel discusses Friday night on InterCHANGE at 6:30 on Milwaukee Public Television Channel 10 with a repeat on Sunday morning at 11:00:



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Pride on the line for Lancers, Spartans, Raiders, Trojans

Brookfield Central football, Brookfield East football, Wauwatosa East football, Wauwatosa West football.

There will be plenty of pride on the line Friday night when Brookfield Central hosts Marquette and Brookfield East travels to Wauwatosa East - for different reasons.

The Lancers (2-2 in the Greater Metro Conference) had their slim title hopes crushed when they lost to a fired up West Allis Hale team last Friday. A big tip of the cap goes to Hale coach Scott Otto and his Huskies, who kicked 3 field goals to beat the Lancers, 9-7.

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Quick hits (10/09/09)

Let the whining begin.

Many Milwaukee County employees won’t be happy when they get to work today after hearing news that the Milwaukee County Board will probably approve a plan to require workers to take 4 unpaid furlough days before the end of the year.

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, who had proposed shorter work weeks, supports the idea.

Workers will moan and groan and blame Walker, saying the furloughs would never have happened if Walker hadn’t pushed for those shorter work weeks.

Note to county workers: state employees must take 16 furlough days before the end of 2010. So just buck up.

Slap on the wrist?

Does the name Joshua Popp sound familiar? He’s the rocket scientist who gave his brother the military flare that caused July’s fire at Patrick Cudahy.

According to jsonline, “
The fire burned for three days, forced the evacuation of hundreds of Cudahy million in damage and temporarily idled most of residents, caused more than $50 million in damage and temporarily idled most of the plant's 1,800 employees."

Popp could have been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Remember, this is the criminal justice system in Milwaukee. 
Read what Popp got.

Halloween Haunted Tea Party scheduled in Franklin

It's being held by the Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty.

On The Come...


The only thing one can say about the awarding of the Nobel Peace prize to President Barack Obama is that it must've been made "on the come".

Obama was president for less than two weeks when the February 1st deadline for nominations ended.  That he had some profound impact on peace in the world in that short a time is ridiculous.  The Nobel committee charged with this deliberation re-labels itself as an ultra-liberal group in a very bold manner with this selection.

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Chorus returns to New Berlin

Milwaukee Showcase Chorus will feature Broadway show tunes Saturday, Nov. 14, when it performs "Black & White Nights Broadway" at New Berlin West High School, 18695 W. Cleveland Ave. Doors open at 7 p.m., with the performance at 7:30 p.m.

The chorus, directed by Frank Marzocco, will host several quartets, including Marzocco’s male quartet, Shear Delight. Also featured is renowned jazz piano legend Frank DeMiles.

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I Like Higher Taxes As Much As The Next Guy

taxes parks prisons walker

Or at least the next 52% of guys who voted last November for a Milwaukee county sales tax increase dedicated to parks and transit. And even though those 52% of guys, many of whom were surely female, voted for the higher tax it has not been implemented.

Why is that? Because until August Governor Doyle was still acting as if he were running for reelection next fall.

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I dedicate the following column...

To a friend and colleague

Additional topic tonight on InterCHANGE

“To be honest, I do not feel that I deserve to be in the company of so many of the transformative figures who have been honored by this prize, men and women who’ve inspired me and inspired the entire world through their courageous pursuit of peace.”

President Barack Obama’s reaction to winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

It’s our first topic tonight on InterCHANGE, 6:30 on Channel 10.

Obama joins the ranks of Rabin, Peres and Arafat

The Christian Science Monitor examines previous Nobel Peace Prize award winners:

The controversial awarding of the 1994 prize to Israeli Prime Minister Yitzahk Rabin, Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, and Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat was less successful. Though the three men eventually signed the Oslo Accords that seemed to have the two nations on a path toward peace, that effort eventually broke down. All three men could be said to have blood on their hands from that conflict, and Mr. Arafat died without achieving his dream of an independent Palestinian state. Mr. Rabin was assassinated in 1995 by an Israeli furious that he was negotiating land concessions.”

The newspaper’s conclusion: The award given to Obama is not for what Obama has done, but what the international community would like him to do.

Global warming in the forecast

In Denver.

In Chicago.


By golly, the weekend is here!

Looks like a sloppy one, too.

While you're inside staying dry and warm, check out This Just In..

Our weekend features start tonight with our Friday night smooth music Goodnight entry. Some guy from Hoboken you may have heard gets some attention.

Saturday, wake up to The Barking Lot, our weekly dog blog. No canine got more press this week than this guy....

In this Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2009 photo, Boomer, a 180-pound Landseer Newfoundland dog, drinks water from the kitchen sink at Caryn Weber's home south of Casselton, N.D. The dog measures seven feet from nose to tail. stands 36 inches tall at the shoulders, measures 7 feet from nose to tail, and weighs 180 pounds. Weber will send his measurements to Guinness World Records for consideration as the tallest living dog. The previous record holder was a Great Dane that died this summer. He measured just over 42 inches at the shoulders.

Also Saturday, Week-ends, our weekly week in review.

We'll have the story behind this hug....

Julius Goff hugs Trevor Pullen (in wheelchair), who says ... Allen J. Schaben / AP

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Goodnight everyone, and have an easy weekend

It's Friday night. Time to unwind with our regular Friday night feature on This Just In.

The weekend has finally arrived.

The sun has set.

The evening sky has erupted. 

Let's put controversy and provocative blogs aside for the rest of this work week and smooth our way into Saturday and Sunday….and this week, Monday.

Tonight, some easy listening, Chairman of the Board style.

Ol' Blue Eyes remains a strong part of today's popular culture.

He's everywhere.

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Coming up this morning on Week-ends...

Who should have won the Nobel Peace Prize instead of Barack Obama.

The best girls CC conference in the state? No question that it's the North Shore

Germantown, Whitefish Bay and Homestead girls cross country

In a normal cross country universe, Germantown girls coach Nancy Pietrowiak would be making plans for her eighth-ranked in state team to work hard and then possibly celebrate a league title this Saturday when the North Shore meets at Tendick Park in Saukville on Saturday.

After all, the Warhawks have won three major meets this season including the last two in a row and come in on a roll.

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