Walker's proposed budget could reduce state aid to Falls district by 8.2 percent

March 1, 2011

Gov. Scott Walker's budget speech already has Menomonee Falls School officials scrambling to crunch the numbers.

The proposed budget would reduce revenue limits per pupil by 5.5 percent and cut state aid to schools state wide by 8.2 percent.

"We really were expecting to have a pretty significant reduction so that's not surprising," said Falls Superintendent Keith Marty, speaking just before a meeting with the district's business staff.

He said another 20 to 25 preliminary layoffs could be added to the current list of 43 if the repair bill does not pass. That bill would have district employees paying into their health care and pension benefits at a higher rate and could save the district nearly $2 million.

The district had already planned on the 43 preliminary layoffs thanks to a $1.7 million current budget deficit.

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