Falls delivers knockout punch to Pasch's bid for Senate

Aug. 10, 2011

The 8th District Senate recall race on Tuesday ended in a familiar way: waiting on Waukesha County. According to unofficial results, Republican Sen. Alberta Darling received 9,052 votes to Democrat Rep. Sandy Pasch's 4,567 with a 67 percent voter turnout.

The northwestern part of the district was supposed to be key for Darling as she had conservative strongholds in Menomonee Falls, Germantown and Mequon. Results for most of the night favored Pasch until Waukesha County results came in.

In the end, Falls, which Pasch won in the primary against the Republican protest candidate, proved to be the decisive blow to Pasch's bid at unseating Darling. The race also set up to be for control of the Senate with two Democrats having already upset Republican incumbents, needing a third to complete the flip.

With two recalls against Democratic Senators still to come, the Republicans assured themselves the majority in the Senate for at least the next year, although current Senate Republicans not facing recalls have been fundraising heavily to prepare for any further recall attempts next year when other legislators, including Gov. Scott Walker become eligible.

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