911? Wrong number? In Franklin, you may have to pay

Tom Kertscher

July 21, 2009

Franklin — So many people are mistakenly calling 911 that Police Chief Rick Oliva wants to impose fines on those who misdial repeatedly.

The proposal will be considered Tuesday by the Common Council.

According to information being presented to the council:

Many of the mistaken 911 calls are made by people calling overseas who misdial a country code; others come from businesses where employees must dial a 9 to make a call.

A city ordinance allows fines of at least $50 for intentional misuse of 911, but does not address inadvertent use.

The proposal would create a $50 fine for those who mistakenly call 911 a fourth or fifth time in any 12-month period. Repeated violations would bring fines ranging up to $1,000.

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