Appraisals are in, but city isn't ready for further input on lake park project

Dec. 14, 2011

Appraisals are ready for the four Muskego lake properties the city is looking at as part of a proposed park on the south side of Little Muskego Lake along Janesville Road.

In a closed session Tuesday night, the Muskego Common Council began deliberations about whether to buy two homes and parts of two more as part of the effort.

The fact that the discussion happened in closed session meant there was no public input - something some aldermen want more of before the city makes an offer on the properties or commits to any park development.

Likewise, several Muskego residents who stood in a hallway during Tuesday's meeting wanted a chance to speak on related cost issues, including what might be the price of maintaining a park.

The council is split on the input issue with some aldermen noting that the public has had a chance to speak on two previous occasions: when the park proposal was unveiled in August and when the council approved a resolution enabling the city to obtain the appraisals.

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