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NOW's JR Radcliffe takes a weekly look at the top five boys and girls teams in the NOW and Lake Country Publications coverage area and ranks the schools, updated every Sunday.


Germantown, 22-0 (no change)

Be honest, you thought the Germantown empire was finally ready to collapse. After three state titles and the graduation losses of several key players from a year ago, you thought there was no way Germantown could replicate its success. But not only have the Warhawks navigated yet another undefeated season, they've done so in fairly convincing fashion at every potential speed bump. It's a stretch still to call the Warhawks the all-out favorite to win the Division 1 state title because Stevens Point and Milwaukee King have very strong programs, but Germantown will be a very real threat to replicate the feat turned in by Randolph as the only program to win four straight titles.

Muskego, 21-1 (no change)

Muskego might edge out Germantown as the biggest surprise of 2014-15. It wasn't hard to foresee a good year for the Warriors, but after two so-so seasons in the Classic 8, the Warriors' well-oiled machine went on a tear through the regular season, with the only loss coming against Kettle Moraine earlier this year. Muskego will have to beat several strong Madison teams, notably perennial heavyweight Madison Memorial, to get to state. Pictured: Caleb Wagner

Dominican, 19-3 (no change)

Kenosha St. Joseph isn't a bad team, but Dominican was apparently pretty hungry with a 67-33 win over St. Joe's on Feb. 26, a win that came on the heels of Dominican's buzzer-beating loss to Racine St. Catherine. As we said, the Knights are at least human, but nobody is going to bet against them in the Division 4 field, especially if the Knights can get past St. Cat's yet again in the sectional semifinal.

Brown Deer, 18-4 (no change) 

Brown Deer is looking like a powerhouse, and certainly a team capable of matching last year's amazing run to the Division 3 state title. The Falcons haven't lost since Jan. 21, with 11 victories in the interim. They do have a tough path though, needing to beat Brookfield Academy, top-ranked Kettle Moraine Lutheran, and possibly 18-3 Ripon just to get to state.

  Pewaukee, 16-5 (up 1)

Like its conference-mate Brown Deer, Pewaukee is on a roll, heading into the postseason with eight consecutive wins and a resume that features only quality losses. If Pewaukee can duplicate its late-season feat of topping Milwaukee Pius later in the tournament, this could be a state-tournament sleeper ... but the path features a ton of teams that can say the same thing, such as Whitefish Bay, Milwaukee Washington, Wauwatosa East and defending champion Wisconsin Lutheran. Pictured: Pewaukee's Wyatt Cook (left) and Brown Deer's Kevin Clements


Waukesha West, 20-2 (no change)

For the bulk of the year, this was the team to beat, and even though Arrowhead's late-season win suggests the Warhawks may have moved into that role, but for now, the top seeded Wolverines get to keep their perch. They'll be the top seed in a very tough Division 1 sectional that features Arrowhead, Germantown and other strong programs. Pictured: Dani Rhodes

Arrowhead, 17-5 (up 1)

Despite early-season losses to Pewaukee and New Berlin Eisenhower, this squad leapfrogs up the list thanks to a sensational second half of the season. The co-champ in the Classic 8 will head into the playoffs on a 12-game winning streak, including victories over Germantown, Waukesha West and Milwaukee King.

New Berlin Eisenhower, 19-3 (down 1)

Probably the harshest occasion all year to a see a team fall one spot. New Berlin Eisenhower reaffirmed its dominance over Pewaukee with the capper to a season sweep Feb. 17, 57-45, an outcome that makes it appear this will be the team that matches up with Milwaukee Pius in a Division 2 sectional final. But Arrowhead's win over Milwaukee King gives it an upgrade in the standings despite Eisenhower's victory. Pictured: Sammy Kozlowski (left)

Oak Creek, 18-4 (up 1)

Oak Creek's competition level hasn't been elite, but the Knights haven't allowed a team to even reach 40 points since Jan. 10 and Oak Creek is allowing an incredible 25.1 points per game in the 11 contests since. Could we see the defending state champion make another run to the state tournament?

Pewaukee, 18-4 (down 2)

Pewaukee may have fallen after its second loss of the year to New Berlin EIsenhower (its other two losses came to Pius), but the Pirates have an irresistable resume that makes them impossible to count out for even a state championship in Division 2 (though it must solve those aforementioned hurdles). Pewaukee gave Pius a major push, with wins on the docket over Arrowhead, Oak Creek and New Berlin West (twice).

Best of the Rest


Whitefish Bay, 14-8 (no change)
Kettle Moraine, 16-6 (up 1)
Wauwatosa East, 16-6 (up 1)
Homestead, 13-9 (down 2)
Oconomowoc, 16-6 (no change)
Brookfield Academy, 19-3 (up 1)
West Allis Hale, 15-7 (down 1)
New Berlin Eisenhower, 13-9 (no change)
Sussex Hamilton, 12-10 (NR)
Arrowhead, 11-11 (down 1)

Others (alpha): Brookfield Central, 11-11; Brookfield East, 12-10; Catholic Memorial, 7-15; Cudahy, 4-18; Franklin, 4-18; Greendale, 12-10; Greenfield, 4-18; Lake Country Lutheran, 15-7; Martin Luther, 5-17; Menomonee Falls, 8-14; Mukwonago, 11-11; New Berlin West, 3-19; Nicolet, 2-20; Oak Creek, 10-12; Shorewood, 12-10; South Milwaukee, 9-13; St. Francis, 13-9; St. John's Northwestern Military Academy, 6-15; St. Thomas More, 4-18; University Lake School, 4-17; University School, 11-11; Waukesha North, 9-13; Waukesha South, 7-15; Waukesha West, 5-17; Wauwatosa West, 10-12; West Allis Central, 10-12; Whitnall, 11-10


Germantown, 19-3 (no change)
Mukwonago, 18-4 (no change)
New Berlin West, 15-7 (no change)
Franklin, 16-6 (no change)
Homestead, 17-5 (no change)
Dominican, 16-6 (no change)
Brookfield East, 13-9 (no change)
Shorewood, 15-6 (no change)
Sussex Hamilton, 15-7 (no change)
Brookfield Central, 14-8 (no change)

Others (alpha): Brookfield Academy, 19-3; Brown Deer, 7-15; Catholic Memorial, 8-13; Cudahy, 9-13; Greendale, 4-18; Greenfield, 12-10; Kettle Moraine, 11-11; Lake Country Lutheran, 13-9; Martin Luther, 14-8; Menomonee Falls, 6-16; Muskego, 6-16; Nicolet, 4-18; Oconomowoc, 13-9; South Milwaukee, 4-18; St. Francis, 3-17; St. Thomas More, 10-12; University Lake School, 17-3; University School, 7-14; Waukesha North, 12-10; Waukesha South, 8-14; Wauwatosa East, 7-15; Wauwatosa West, 9-13; West Allis Central, 6-16; West Allis Hale, 8-14; Whitefish Bay, 14-8; Whitnall, 9-13

Last update: Feb. 21 (girls), Feb. 27 (boys)








  1. Jessica Kelliher, Waukesha North, 31.8 ppg
  2. Allazia Blockton, Dominican, 21.2
  3. Erika Perlewitz, University Lake School, 21.2
  4. Dani Rhodes, Waukesha West, 19.5
  5. Taylor Higginbotham, Germantown, 18.4
  6. Bre Cera, Mukwonago, 17.6
  7. Taylor Klug, Sussex Hamilton, 16.8
  8. Abby Gerrits, Pewaukee, 16.3
  9. Sammy Kozlowski, New Berlin Eisenhower, 16.0
  10. Sam Schuh, West Allis Hale, 15.9
  11. Caroline Busch, Brookfield Central, 14.7
  12. Baylee Barker, Oconomowoc, 14.1
  13. Chloe Marotta, Homestead, 14.1
  14. Jada Stackhouse, Shorewood, 14.1
  15. Mariah Miller, Brookfield East, 14.0


  1. Diamond Stone, Dominican, 24.5
  2. Hunter Bolger, University Lake School, 24.5
  3. Ryan Clarey, Brookfield Academy, 20.7
  4. Josh Michaels, Greendale, 20.7
  5. Ve'Jhon Johnson, University School, 20.1
  6. Jaylen Key, Homestead, 19.8
  7. Harrison Cleary, Oak Creek, 19.6
  8. Lewrenzo Byers, Brown Deer, 18.7
  9. Joe Lemon, Brookfield Academy, 18.6
  10. Mitch Pfeifer, Kettle Moraine, 18.5
  11. Juwon McCloud, Germantown, 17.8
  12. Miles Sigh, Whitefish Bay, 17.3
  13. David Pulizos, Greendale, 16.9
  14. Isaiah Johnson, Whitefish Bay, 16.6
  15. C.J. Teske, Lake Country Lutheran, 16.6
  16. Tyler Herro, Whitnall, 16.5
  17. Mindika Wijenayake, New Berlin West, 16.4
  18. Joey Archer, West Allis Hale, 16.1
  19. Brandon Key, West Allis Central, 15.7
  20. Brandon Glandt, Muskego, 15.0

Averages are taken from the online database. Adjustments will be made only if submitted by that player's coach to JR Radcliffe at Averages through Feb. 22. Teams covered on Roundball Rankings include those by NOW Newspapers (including extended coverage zone involving Dominican, Cudahy, Thomas More, Martin Luther, St. Francis, South Milwaukee, Sussex Hamilton and Brookfield Academy) and Lake Country Publications.


Current active leading scorers among all NOW-area high schools. All seniors, unless noted.


  1. Diamond Stone, Dominican, 1,987
  2. Andre Carroll, Wauwatosa West, 1,183
  3. Brandon Key, West Allis Central, 1,118
  4. Hunter Bolger, University Lake School, 1,125*
  5. Josh Michaels, Greendale, 1,045
  6. Steffan Brown, Wauwatosa West, 987
  7. Miles Sigh, Whitefish Bay, 931
  8. Jaylen Key, Homestead, 928
  9. Ryan Clarey, Brookfield Academy, 948*
  10. Ian Doherty, University Lake School, 809


  1. Allazia Blockton, Dominican, 2,096
  2.  Jessica Kelliher, Waukesha North, 1,949
  3. Taylor Higginbotham, Germantown, 1,240
  4. Abby Gerrits, Pewaukee, 1,079*
  5. Dani Rhodes, Waukesha West, 1,073*
  6. Bre Cera, Mukwonago, 1,057*
  7. Sammy Kozlowski, New Berlin Eisenhower, 907
  8. Taylor Klug, Sussex Hamilton, 856*
  9. Mariah Miller, Brookfield East, 833*
  10. Erika Perlewitz, University Lake School, 803*

* juniors in 2013-14

Stats accumulated from database through Feb. 22, 2015.


Several NOW teams have popped up on the Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association rankings (Feb. 24).

Division 1 girls
6. Waukesha West (20-2)
8. Arrowhead (17-5)

Division 2 girls
4. New Berlin Eisenhower (19-3)
6. Pewaukee (18-4)

Division 1 boys
1. Germantown (21-0)
4. Muskego (20-1)

Division 2 boys
10. Pewakee (16-5)

Division 3 boys
4. Brown Deer (17-4)

 Division 4 boys
1. Dominican (18-3)

Pictured: (top) New Berlin Eisenhower girls coach Gary Schmidt and Germantown boys coach Steve Showalter. Coaches association full rankings: boys | girls


 Germantown's Dwayne Lawhorn Jr (34) goes up for a basket past Homestead's Cameron Marotta (1) as Germantown's Thomas Schnoor (32) and Homestead's Josh Mueller (24) Jacob Urban (10), and Jack Popp (2) look on during the first half Feb. 20 at Germantown. Photo by Peter Zuzga

Recent basketball stories


 You know the highly ranked Wisconsin Badgers have players on the roster who played high-school basketball in Wisconsin, notably Sam Dekker and Bronson Koenig. But can you name the other three teams in the Associated Press men's basketball top 15 (as of Feb. 16) with Wisconsin natives on the roster? Two teams hail from the same (unlikely?) U.S. state.

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State rankings: Boys | Girls


 Plenty was expected of Germantown junior Juwan McCloud this season, but the way he's led a team closing in on an undefeated season has been special, particularly when the three-time reigning state champion graduated so many seniors off the the 2013-14 squad. He was a major factor in the second halves of two wins this week, a tense 67-63 win over Homestead (22 points) and a smooth 75-53 win over Brookfield Central (23 points).

Previous winners:

Feb. 15: Mariah Miller, Brookfield East
Feb. 8:
Caroline Busch, Brookfield Central
Feb. 1: Diamond Stone, Dominican
Jan. 25: Joey Archer, West Allis Hale
Jan. 18: Sammy Kozlowski, NB Eisenhower
Jan. 11: Taylor Higginbotham, Germantown
Jan. 4: Allazia Blockton, Dominican
Dec. 28: Mike Vidmar, Muskego
Dec. 21: Max Wojcik, Brookfield Central
Dec. 14: Bryce Nze, Arrowhead
Dec. 7: Abby Gerrits, Pewaukee
Nov. 30:
Dani Rhodes, Waukesha West




March 6: Wauwatosa West at Milwaukee Pius. The Trojans are one of the most intriguing sub-.500 teams in the field, and after taking Pius to overtime in the regular-season finale, it's all the more reason to think this has upset potential.

March 6: Wauwatosa East at Wisconsin Lutheran. The unkind seeding arrangement has two of the area's better Division 2 teams facing off immediately, and that's a shame, but it promises to be one of the most competitive battles on the docket.

March 6: West Allis Central at West Allis Hale. Central might be the most talented team in the conference if it can put together a complete game, and Hale has been a quality story with a good showing this season. The crosstown rivalry should deliver a good one.

March 7: Brown Deer at Kettle Moraine Lutheran (possible matchup). The defending Division 3 state champion Brown Deer squad must hit the road to face the No. 1-ranked team in the state, assuming both win in their first battle.


Feb. 27: Homestead at Mukwonago. An intriguing 4-5 battle in Division 1 playoff opener pits two teams from perhaps the area's best two conferences.

Feb. 27: Brookfield East at Brookfield Central. The crosstown battle always gets some extra juice when the idea of playoffs are introduced into the equation.

Feb. 27: New Berlin West at Pewaukee. This will be one of the more engaging battles in Division 2. Pewaukee has been near the top of the rankings all year, but New Berlin West has been knocking on the door.

Feb. 28: Germantown at Arrowhead (possible matchup). Few Saturday battles would have the intrigue of this one, where two of the state's very best teams square off in a regional final. Both had a strong case for the No. 2 seed that went to Arrowhead.

Next Level

Follow former Division 1 NOW/Lake Country basketball players at Division 1 programs:


Lamonte Bearden, Buffalo (Germantown)
Darrell Bowie, Northern Illinois (Wauwatosa East)
Brady Ellingson, Iowa (Sussex Hamilton)
Luke Fischer, Marquette (Germantown)
Riley LaChance, Vanderbilt (Brookfield Central)
Paul Miller, North Dakota State (Kettle Moraine)
Charles Rushman, UNLV (Arrowhead)
T.J. Schlundt, Wisconsin (Oconomowoc)
Jamie Schneck, Hartford (Whitefish Bay)
Jake Showalter, North Dakota State (Germantown)
Zak Showalter, Wisconsin (Germantown)
Dan Studer, UW-Milwaukee (Germantown)
Reed Timmer, Drake (New Berlin Eisenhower)
J.P. Tokoto, North Carolina (Menomonee Falls)
Evan Wesenberg, North Dakota State (Germantown)
Duane Wilson, Marquette (Dominican)


Katy Allen, Pennsylvania (Waukesha South)
Nicole Bauman, Wisconsin
(New Berlin Eisenhower)
Alex Cohen, Northwestern (Nicolet)
Michelle Farrow, Western Illinois (Waukesha West)
Amber Gray, Northern Illinois (Mukwonago)
Briana Gray, St. Louis (Nicolet)
Ashley Green, UW-Milwaukee (Nicolet)
Maya Jonas, Northwestern (Whitefish Bay)
Kianna Keller, New Mexico (Waukesha West)
Steph Kostowicz, UW-Milwaukee (Oak Creek)
Mehryn Kraker, UW-Green Bay (West Allis Central)
Mackenzie Latt, Davidson (Sussex Hamilton)*
Ashley Luke, Western Illinois (Oak Creek)
Lydia Rohde, Northwestern (Brookfield Central)
Katie Salmon, Loyola (Ill.) (Wauwatosa East)
Tamya Sims, Bradley (Oak Creek)
Kelly Smith, Northern Illinois (Arrowhead)
Jordyn Swan, UW-Milwaukee (Pewaukee)
Eileen Van Horn, Marist (Waukesha South)
Lexi Weitzer, UW-Green Bay (Waukesha South)

*transferred to Gull Lake HS in Michigan senior year

I Played at State

We check in with past area basketball players and ask about their experiences at the state tournament.

 Erin Monfre was on the cover of the state's women's basketball yearbook before the season, and she and her Waukesha South teammates proved the hype was real, reaching the WIAA Division 1 state championship game before falling to De Pere. "It kept me accountable, it never allowed me to settle. There were people who had expectations of me, people who doubted me and expectations I had for myself. That spotlight kept me in line, as well as motivated."

Click for full story

Other entries:
Jamie Schneck, Whitefish Bay boys
Kay (Mikolajczak) Chmielewski, Franklin girls
Jay Schauer and Rollie Blanchett, South Milwaukee boys
Whitefish Bay girls team, 2006
Brenda (Brunner) Hojnacki, Pius girls
Griffin LaDew, Catholic Memorial boys
Tina (Vilter) McDonald, Arrowhead girls
Eric Dale, Wauwatosa East boys
Kelly (Schwerman) Leibham, Kettle Moraine girls

JR Blount, Whitefish Bay Dominican boys
Alex Izzo, New Berlin Eisenhower boys

Ashley Imperiale, Greendale girls


The WIAA has developed a new success-based ranking system that will compel programs to play in a higher division during the playoffs based on a track record of success.

Does the new "success-based" WIAA model work for you?

Yes, the plan makes sense

No, the plan needs overhaul

The plan is close but needs tweaks

Past All-Area Teams

 A look back at the best of the best from the NOW Newspapers and Lake Country Publications coverage areas.

2013-14: All-Suburban Boys | All-Suburban Girls | LCP boys | LCP girls

2012-13: All-Suburban Boys | All-Suburban Girls | LCP boys | LCP girls

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2009-10: All-Suburban Boys | All-Suburban Girls | LCP boys | LCP girls

2008-09: All-Suburban Boys | All-Suburban Girls | LCP boys | LCP girls



A look at area players headed to play college basketball in NCAA Division 1 and Division 2


Division 1
Allazia Blockton, Dominican (Marquette)
Bre Cera, Mukwonago (Iowa)*
Morgan Glatczak, Mukwonago (Ball State)*
Taylor Higginbotham, Germantown (Western Illinois)
Ally May, Arrowhead (Northern Illinois)

Division 2
Jessica Kelliher, Waukesha North (Lewis)
Sammy Kozlowski, New Berlin Eisenhower (Minnesota-Duluth)
Ashley Reed, Whitefish Bay (Minnesota State Mankato)
Jenna Santi, Oak Creek (William Penn)
Hannah Settingsgaard, Oak Creek (Saginaw Valley State)


Division 1
Jaylen Key, Homestead (Northern Illinois)

*Verbal only
Missing any? Email


State appearances by area teams:


  • 16: Wauwatosa East (last: 2008)
  • 9: Brookfield Central (last: 2008)
  • 8: Shorewood (last: 1981), South Milwaukee (last: 1996)
  • 6: Dominican (last: 2014), Whitefish Bay (last: 2011)
  • 5: Germantown (last: 2014), Sussex Hamilton (last: 1987)
  • 4: Mukwonago (last: 2014)
  • 3: Brown Deer (last: 2014), Arrowhead (last: 2010), Brookfield East (last: 1979), Whitnall (last: 2004)
  • 2: Greendale (last: 2014), Catholic Memorial (last: 2010), Homestead (last: 1994); New Berlin Eisenhower (last: 2008), Nicolet (last: 1993), West Allis Hale (last: 1970)
  • 1: Muskego (1986), New Berlin West (2000), Oak Creek (1980), Pewaukee (2001), West Allis Central (1947), Cudahy (1981), St. Francis (1976), Waukesha South (1999 -- Waukesha High School made 14 trips), Waukesha West (1998)
  • 0: Brookfield Academy, Greenfield, Franklin, Kettle Moraine, Lake Country Lutheran; Martin Luther, Menomonee Falls, Oconomowoc, Thomas More, Waukesha North, Wauwatosa West


  • 8: Arrowhead (last: 2013)
  • 7: Mukwonago (last, 2014), West Allis Hale (last: 2000), Whitefish Bay (last, 2011)
  • 6: Kettle Moraine (last: 2004)
  • 5: Oak Creek (last: 2014), Brookfield East (last: 2004), Greendale (last: 2007)
  • 4: Nicolet (last: 2011), New Berlin Eisenhower (last, 2013)
  • 3: Brookfield Central (last: 2009), Franklin (last: 2007), Whitnall (last: 2005), Waukesha South (last: 2005)
  • 2: Brown Deer (last: 1993), Homestead (last: 1995); Wauwatosa East (last: 1981)
  • 1: New Berlin West (1986)
  • 1: Dominican (2011)
  • 1: Catholic Memorial (2005), South Milwaukee (1985), St. Francis (1981), Waukesha North (1994)
  • 0: Brookfield Academy, Cudahy, Germantown, Greenfield, Lake Country Lutheran, Martin Luther, Menomonee Falls, Muskego, Oconomowoc, Pewaukee, Shorewood, Sussex Hamilton, Thomas More, Wauwatosa West, West Allis Central

State titles:


  • 5. Dominican (2004, 2005, 2012, 2013, 2014)
  • 3. Germantown (2012, 2013, 2014); Wauwatosa East (1948, 1989, 2008), Whitefish Bay (1996, 1998, 2011)
  • 2: Catholic Memorial (2004, 2010), South Milwaukee (1952, 1976)
  • 1: Brown Deer (2014), Arrowhead (2010), New Berlin Eisenhower (2008), New Berlin West (2000), St. Francis (1976), Shorewood (1942), Whitnall (1988), Waukesha (1944)


  • 2: Arrowhead (1991, 1988)
  • 1: Oak Creek (2014); Nicolet (2011); New Berlin Eisenhower (2010); Kettle Moraine (1999); Brookfield Central (1985); Wauwatosa East (1981)


 Top scorersScoring leaders

Check out our interactive map for a look at the all-time scoring leaders of boys and girls basketball teams at high schools in the suburban Milwaukee area.